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  • What Are Bind Runes & How To Make Them

    What Are Bind Runes? Bind Runes are a junction of Runes put together by an individual for an intended purpose. These Runes have a specific power an...
  • An Intro To Journaling & It's Importance For Energy Workers

    Intro: Journaling is highly recommended (basically required) for those of us who work with energy. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing Tarot readings...
  • An Intro To Grounding

    You don’t have to practice any other energy work or spiritual connecting to gain the benefits of GROUNDING! You may already be performing some of the process and not even know it.No matter the technique you use, the benefits will be limitless!
  • Cleansing With Palo Santo

    Every space we occupy is charged with energy. With life’s challenges and stresses, some energies are negative, dark, or unwanted. Cleansing the space of this energy is as important as cleansing it of dirt and grime; however, the impact will be more beneficial and significant!
  • Quickly Establishing Your Personal Space

    Here is a quick article on how to establish your energetic space in less than 5 minutes! (: This is great for anyone working with energy, spirits, or for those who are empaths!