Cleansing With Palo Santo

Every space we occupy is charged with energy. With life’s challenges and stresses, some energies are negative, dark, or unwanted. A simple negative thought, stress from finances or work, or a major argument can significantly impact the energy in a room or around an individual. As time goes by, the negativity attracts more negativity making the space uncomfortable, affecting individuals entering it, and  making the space optimal for negative or dark spirits. Cleansing the space of this energy is as important as cleansing it of dirt and grime; however, the impact will be more beneficial and significant!

There are many different processes or tools that can be used to cleanse energy or dark spirits from a space including but not limited to: smudging with sage or palo santo; burning incense; setting intentions; harnessing power of imagination; using feather fans/wands; or using crystals to cleanse and/or grid the space. I cleanse my personal and meditation/connection spaces often utilizing a mixture of tools and the below ritual:


  • Release Energies (setting intentions and harnessing power of imagination): Breaking energy connections and returning energies to their owners
    • I simply use intention to call energy that is not mine to the surface then I wipe it off as I tell it to leave and envision it leaving me
    • I envision energy that is not mine as an orange or amber energy (you can choose any color that works for you). I envision that energy on the surface of my skin and clinging to me.
    • I then say (in my mind or out loud), “I release all that is not mine and all that no longer serves me”
    • I envision the energy flowing up to my left hand (giving hand) then use my right hand (receiving hand) to swipe (break) the energy off me, swiping from my wrist to the tip of my pinky throwing the energy away
    • I envision the energy leaving me and dispersing back to its owners

(Sometimes I wipe the energy off my back or legs as well in the same manner. Also, I return the energy with love not disdain)

  • Recall Energies (setting intentions and harnessing power of imagination): Recalling my own energy – Once I feel I’ve released all that is not mine, I recall all that is
    • I sit with my palms up and say (in my mind or out loud), ”I take back all that is mine, all that is light and all that serves me to do good and help others”
    • I envision my energy as a pleasant green color (you can choose any color that works for you) and envision it returning to me from people I’ve seen or places I’ve been
    • Upon its return, I envision my energy flowing through my body and filling me
  • Ground (watch for a future blog)
  • Protect (watch for a future blog)
  • Cleanse/Smudge (smudging, setting intentions, harnessing power of imagination, using feather fan)
    • Open a window in the room – it does not have to be fully opened but should be cracked approx. 4-6 inches
    • Open the door to the space and work from the door around the room
      • Counterclockwise – removes energy (this is for cleansing)
      • Clockwise – brings energy into the room
    • Light a stick of Palo Santo and let it burn for a minute or two (the end should emit a nice earthy smelling smoke once the flame is out)
    • Smudging: Using the Feather Fan, I fan the smoke in a 4-5 ft area from ceiling to floor (this may be done by waiving the stick of Palo Santo around the space if you do not have a fan)
    • As I smudge, I say (in my mind or out loud), “I cleanse this space of all negative or dark energy and all that no longer serves me. Only light, loving, healthy energy may remain. I cleanse this space of all dark or negative spirits. Only light spirits with the best intentions for me and my family, angels, spirit guides or spirit animals, or light Gods may remain or enter this space.”
    • I first cleanse the doorway then move counterclockwise around the room
    • As I cleanse, I envision all negative energy and all dark/negative spirits leaving the room

You should feel a crispness and calmness once you’ve cleansed a room. It should feel peaceful and inviting. You can follow the same process to cleanse your personal space as well. This should increase your spiritual awareness and allow you to meditate or connect with Spirit without interference.

I’ve found that cleansing is a very personal ritual and can be performed in many different ways. Create a ritual that works best for you and your connections. One that makes you reach your higher self and maximizes your connection. Create a ritual you enjoy and one that makes you feel connected. 


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