About Odinsson Company


My name is Duncan and I am the founder of Odinsson Company. I am a psychic medium, intuitive empath, musician, and craftsman among many other things. My path is Norse Pagan in nature and I often work with deities from that culture but I am also drawn to learning about other cultures and their spiritual practices & mythologies.


I've always wanted to positively impact the world I live in. Yes, I do this through my readings but I always want to do more! Sometimes it can be challenging to find ways to do so, especially in uncertain times. Volunteering can be risky for ones health and donating money can be hard when we are faced with adversity. 

I'm happy to say that Odinsson Co. is making a difference on everyone's behalf. There is a small widget above the "add to cart" button and at the top of your shopping cart that allows you to select one of the five organizations we are currently supporting. Once selected, a percentage of your order will be donated to the organization that you choose. Please be assured that this is at no extra cost to you. 

We also run larger fundraisers for organizations like Volunteers of America, Utah to help serve our local community. 


Odinsson Co. was established with the purpose of supplying high quality spiritual tools and practices that are both affordable & functional. The products/tools on the site are mostly "Pagan" in nature but can easily fit into any spiritual practice. Each item on the website is either handmade by me or handpicked from trusted suppliers. All items are chosen or created for a specific purpose.


The blog is designed to be an educational resource for anyone interested in spirituality. Though many of the posts are about spirituality, there are also posts about ways to improve and enrich ones daily life. Posts cover topics like cleansing, psychic protection, meditation, and mental health. 


I currently offer psychic medium readings, rune casts, and a custom bind rune design service.

Psychic medium readings can offer guidance and closure as I tap into things like your career, love life, home life, your energy & the energy around you, and relay and messages from your loved ones/spirit guides on the other side. 

Runes are complex energetic beings. They're represented by symbols but most have a gender, voice, and even a physical form of their own. Each one has unique attributes which makes them great from specific questions or general guidance alike. Rune casts are a great way to work with these beings and allow me to relay their specialized guidance for a given situation. 


If you have any questions about any of the products, practices, or services offered by Odinsson Company then please reach out through our contact us page or on social media @odinssonco.