What Are Bind Runes & How To Make Them

What Are Bind Runes?

Bind Runes are a junction of Runes put together by an individual for an intended purpose. These Runes have a specific power and meaning which makes them unique from any other Rune or bind Rune. 

Why Create Bind Runes?

Bind Runes can be used for an unlimited number of things. I created my first one to symbolize my bond/connection to one of my spirit guides and the Norse god Freyr as I was working with both of them together and it was a significant time for me. I personally enjoy using bind Runes to bond with different spirits as it is a unique, special symbol that represents our connection and relationship. When doing so I typically ask the other person/spirit if there is a preferred Rune they'd like to have represent them and then wait for an answer. Typically I am shown a Rune but sometimes they don't have a preference and then I find one that matches their energy. 

You can also use them to bring things like wealth, strength, protection, guidance, or anything else into your life. It's important to learn about all the Runes by reading books/watching videos/meditating with them so that you know what each one offers. Keep in mind that each Rune is a spiritual being similar to a human spirit or other deity so they all have unique characteristics and insights to offer. They may even require different offerings/gifts but they'll likely show you these things over time. 

Designing Your Bind Rune!

Here are the steps to designing & creating your bind Rune:

1.) Set your intention on the Rune that you're about to create. 

2.) Determine what Runes you are going to use. 

3.) Decide which Runes are going to be the base vs the head of the Rune. I typically put wider ones as the base and work my way up BUT there may be situations where you would need to do the opposite. Go with your gut!

4.) Decide the direction of each Rune. (Upside down, flipped, diagonal, etc.)

5.) Draw your bind Rune! 

*Note: you may put the Runes in a circle (ex. Helm of Awe), square, straight line, or another shape! You may also use the same Rune multiple times and face it how you need to. Typically all the Runes should be connected but some bind Runes require spacing/detachment.

A Final Word:

I wish you luck in creating your bind Runes! Please remember that you are bringing a being into existence when you create your bind Runes. This is something very beautiful and special so make sure to choose your intentions wisely! 

Furthermore, I do offer a bind Rune design service where I create a bind Rune based on the intention you wish to set. I will create a Rune for almost any situation. If you are interested in this service then click below and I can get your unique design going!

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