Quickly Establishing Your Personal Space

What is your energetic space?

Nine out of ten times you should be comfortable doing your energy work! Your space should be somewhere you feel safe and have control over what comes in and what goes out. Spiritually this would mean that you are controlling what energies and/or spirits are coming into your personal space, be it your personal bubble, a specific room, or even a whole building! This may also be referred to as "setting a space" or "holding a space." 

Establishing a space means that you are holding it to do your energy work and/or using it as a form of protection. Whether you an empath being overwhelmed by people's emotions, are rune casting, reading tarot, practicing reiki, connecting with spirits, etc... it is very important that you establish some sort of barrier around you with set intentions and rules as to what may enter that space.

In this article, we will run through a quick way on how you can set your space so you can do your work safely and comfortably, as well as protect yourself from other people's energy and emotions! 

How to quickly establish your personal space using intention

Intention is one of the most powerful tools used in not just spirituality, but also daily life! Setting daily intentions can create a day full of productivity, fulfillment, and contentment. It is crucial that you believe in the set intentions when you are using them to establish your space! If you don't believe it, why would anyone or anything else? Your barrier wouldn't exist meaning you wouldn't have a safe space to work.The intention needs to have a backbone in order to provide the protection barrier it needs to. Believe in yourself and your strength! 

We will now go through some quick steps you can follow to establish your space using intentions:

1.) Lift your arms straight out from your sides. For most people this provides a space about 2 feet away from their body. If you want it larger or smaller then imagine the size of the space and keep it in mind while you set your intentions. 

2.) Say something like "This is my personal space. Only energies and spirits with the best intentions for me are allowed into this space." If you are using it strictly for empathetic protection then you could say "only my emotions and positive emotions of others are allowed in this space." You can obviously gear this towards your preferences and be as specific as you want! I usually only allow my spirit guides and ascended masters/gods into my space(s).I also don't usually allow others emotions into my space to save me from an empathetic overload!

Barrier shapes and different energies

It may be helpful and reassuring to imagine you are in a bubble or have some sort of barrier of light around you. It can be any color or shape you'd like! I used to use a golden triangle but now I surround myself with my own energy, basically a bubble. If I know I have a big session coming up then I occasionally use energy from the sun and fill my space with it's light. This is mostly due to all three of my signs being fire (yeah, I know) and the power I feel with the sun.

I also like to use the moon's energy at night as the moon is one of the first energies I worked with. The moon is a great place to start as it feels lightweight compared to the low vibration of the earth, and less intense than the sun's fiery energy. It is also very soothing and great for reiki healing!

I highly recommend playing around with different energies and seeing what works for you!

Final words

Energy work can be super fun and exciting once you feel comfortable and secure in your own space! Protection is sooo important when working with energy so don't skip it or think you don't need it. You can establish a space in less than 5 minutes so there is no reason not to do it! It will keep you and those around you safe and secure, as well as allow you to function at your best. Doing this daily has changed my life as a "super" empath and when working with spirits! 

There will be more in-depth articles on establishing your space(s) and protection so be sure to check back or sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date! Please feel free to reach out through our contact form if you have any questions!  Thanks for reading! 



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