An Intro To Grounding

You don’t have to practice any other energy work or spiritual connecting to gain the benefits of GROUNDING! You may already be performing some of the process and not even know it. “Grounding” by definition in the dictionary is (


  1. the solid surface of the earth; firm or dry land
  2. earth or soil


  1. situated on or at, or adjacent to, the surface of the earth
  2. pertaining to the ground


  1. to lay or set on the ground
  2. to place on a foundation; fix firmly; settle or establish; found

Simply stated, grounding = earth.

The practice of grounding pertains to becoming One with the earth or nature. Working with your energy and Mother Earth’s energy to connect your body to the earth and bring balance emotionally/spiritually and physically. Grounding gives you strength. It enhances your ability to feel, see, and hear on a deeper level and leaves you feeling clearer, more supported, and safer. It’s perfect for releasing stress or anxiety caused by life’s challenges. Individuals who practice grounding on a regular basis tend to be calmer and more content.

If you are new to the practice, I’ve found it is easiest to begin grounding by sitting in the Egyption posture. This posture allows the best flow of energy through the body and is easiest for visualizing your intentions for grounding. I sit in a chair with my legs and arms uncrossed, both feet solid on the ground, back against the back of the chair, and hands sitting on my thighs. I then complete the following steps:

  1. Begin breathing deeply and gently. I count 8 seconds in and 8 seconds out. You may count more or less (my son counts 7). It is important to breathe evenly and not quickly and erratically.
  2. Visualize your grounding cord. You can visualize your cord any color you wish and eventually you’ll visualize it whatever color is best for you naturally; however, beginning with green may be helpful as green is a natural, earthy color. I began with green and have found I visualize my own energy as green as well. Now, when I retrieve my energy (see “Cleansing with Palo Santo” blog), I can easily visualize any excess energy of mine traveling through my grounding cord and down through the earth.

Visualize a ball of your green energy spinning at your first chakra. Direction of the spin does not matter. Envision the ball spinning then falling/dropping and, as it falls, it creates a nice green cylinder from your first chakra to the center of the earth with no interruptions/breaks. This is the grounding cord. The cord should be approx. 6 to 10 inches in diameter; however, it is based off your individual needs so the size may be different. The more often you ground, the more appropriate the cord size will be. The larger the cord, the more grounded.

  1. Visualize the energy flowing from the body to the earth. Visualize it flowing easily down the cord, into the earth, and all the way to the earth’s center. Gravity will help pull the energy down through the earth effortlessly. Once it reaches the center of the earth, watch it expand and merge to flow with Earth’s energy. Feel Mother Earth embrace and guide the energy to align your body and energy with the earth’s frequency. Allow any excess or old energy to flow through your grounding cord to the center of the earth balancing your energy/aura. Your grounding cord will regulate the energy flow ensuring too much energy isn’t flowing at once.

I see the earth’s energy as a warm beautiful orange color running like molten through the center of the earth. My green energy easily begins to flow with the orange energy once I reach the center of the earth. As I envision my energy breaking the earth’s surface, I see my green energy begin to branch out into the earth like roots of a plant or tree with my grounding cord continuing it’s journey toward the orange light at the center of the earth. I see roots branching off all the way down the cord until my energy merges with the earth’s center.

  1. Bring earth energy back to your body. Visualize a ball of the earth’s warm, fresh, healthy energy traveling up the grounding cord to your foot chakras, into your legs and up to your third chakra. You’ll feel, hear, or imagine your chakra begin to become more energized. Allow the earth’s energy to flow from your third chakra to the rest of your body and into your mind and aura. Feel your body become energized, calm, safe, and stable. Bring as much earth energy into your body as you wish while releasing unwanted or excess energy down the grounding cord. The earth will neutralize and recycle it.

I envision the earth’s energy returning to my body as the orange color mentioned above. Again, this is my natural inclination and what works for me. Some books or websites recommend envisioning the earth’s energy as green like the grounding cord and energy being released. Find what works best for you and what makes your grounding experiences successful.

I have fun with it as well and often envision the orange energy “dancing” or weaving around some of my green energy roots. I do this often when I work with Cosmic Energy and Mother Earth as I protect and ground. It's what works for me.

  1. Once you’ve grounded, set the intention of the grounding cord maintaining the flow of energy and setting of the Earth’s frequency. Continue the flow, releasing negative or excess energy and nourishing with the energy of the earth.
  2. Stand up, stretch, and enjoy the benefits.
  3. As you go through changes in life, each time you meditate, or whenever you feel the need to ground, allow your grounding cord to detach and fall to the earth to be neutralized and recycled. Ground...THRIVE!

You can ground anywhere; however, I’ve found grounding outdoors to be much easier as you’re connected directly with the earth. There are no floors, spaces, or carpets to interrupt the connection. If you struggle to ground or if you are extremely stressed/anxious, try grounding outdoors. As you continue to ground more often, you’ll be able to do so within seconds, anywhere and in any position (standing, sitting, walking, running, etc.)

I’ve provided a basic grounding technique. There are many others you can research and try. Find the best technique to fit your lifestyle and your energy. No matter the technique you use, the benefits will be limitless!

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