An Intro To Journaling & It's Importance For Energy Workers


Journaling is highly recommended (basically required) for those of us who work with energy. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing Tarot readings, Reiki, Rune readings, working with spirits, or anything similar - you should have some sort of book/journal on hand for you to document your experiences. 

Why documenting experiences is so important:

The great thing about journaling is that you can experience something and then go back and review what happened and get a better understanding of a situation you may be facing now. I’ve found that things that I was seeing when connecting with my guides 2 years ago have now come full circle and given me a better understanding of where I am today. Luckily I had it all documented or I’d still be struggling to get a grip on the situation and missing out on what my guides and new energies around me are showing me. You’d be surprised at how much insight we gain before things happen or what little trickles we experience before the tide comes. 

It can be so easy to get caught up in the moment. I find this most often when I’m working with spirits that I’m connecting with very well.  I’d see something and forget it by the end of my session because I saw numerous other things on top of that first thing. Not to mention feelings or sensations on top of the visuals! This is a prime example of why it is vital to document all the things you go through while you’re doing your work. You don’t want to miss out on potential messages or necessary pieces of information because you forgot them. 

It’s important that we journal for ourselves and for others as well! Everyone is at a different point in their journey and we have all been through different things. You’ve likely heard the term “spiritual journey” and recognize that we are all on our own little adventure, our souls currently riding through the cosmos on a giant rock that’s held together by the invisible force of gravity. Yes, we are all walking our own paths and learning and growing based on our experiences but our paths are destined to cross with many others while we are here.

Each of our journeys are unique and special to us but can also be quite beneficial to others we work with or choose to help. An experience I have had may better prepare someone for a similar experience they may have or vise versa. We all have the ability to help one another!

What To Document: 

In simplest terms, everything! You can jot down anything you feel is important or necessary for your understanding and/or growth. Make sure to sign the date as well!

If you are working with spirits, write down what you experience with them! This could be what they look like, smell like, the way they make you feel, what you hear, what their confirmations are for you, etc. If you do Reiki then write what you felt, how the recipient felt when the energy was moving, what you saw, or even things you’d like to modify. If you do Tarot then document how you felt when each card was pulled or anything you experienced  during the reading. If you do any magic then definitely write down what your ritual was, what you said, your intentions behind it, everything. 

This can be applied to all forms of energy work! 

Tools For The Job:

The big thing is obviously a book or notepad of blank pages. You can use one of our leather journals, you can use a college ruled notepad, a journal with crazy art on the cover, a binder of paper… Pick something that is going to act as a reflection of your journey and serve as the memory of your journey.

You’ll also need a writing tool such as a pen, pencil, crayons, or whatever you feel like using. Your journal should be very personal so pick things you want to use! You can color code things or use different colors every day, you can write in cursive or plain text, you can draw Runes or symbols on each page, etc. It’s all up to you! Make it yours. 

Some Notes:

I’ve gone over how important it is to document all of your spiritual experiences but I’d also like to add that journaling is a valuable tool for everyday life as well. Journaling has been proven to help with things like stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and overall organization. It gives us all a neutral space to vent and jot down our thoughts and experiences throughout the day. I started doing this and have found that it helps me keep things in order and can even improve my mood. You can find all sorts of information online regarding journaling and it’s benefits. 

If you do take up journaling for daily life as well then please make sure to keep your journals separate. Your spiritual journal or “black book” as some may call it, should be used solely for that. It is important to keep any journals separate and organized. 

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Thanks for reading! 

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