Specific Question Rune Cast

Specific Question Rune Cast

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Do you need guidance on a specific matter? Do you have a decision to make but don't know which option to choose? I can help! I offer a Rune reading that provides insight and clarity regarding your specific situation whether it's spiritual or not. 

This cast includes my analyzation of the rune pull, my recommendations, and a photo so you can meditate with the rune on your own. 


1. Purchase a reading.

2. You will receive an email containing instructions and details about your selected reading.

3. Respond to said email with required information.

4. You will receive a pdf going over the results of your unique Rune cast. You'll also receive an image of the cast itself so you can analyze it and meditate with it if you desire. 

Please note that all communication is done through email.

All Rune cast sales are final.

If you have any questions regarding Rune readings the please contact us.