The Seidhr Experience (Psychic Medium Reading)

The Seidhr Experience (Psychic Medium Reading)

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*$80 for a limited time*

The Seidhr Experience includes a psychic medium reading done by me, Duncan. I will tap into your energy which will allow me to analyze things like your career, home life, love life, and family, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding your life path. This also allows me to see any spirits that are around you and relay any messages from your spirit guides, ancestors, or loved ones on the other side. These messages often provide closure, reassurance, and guidance to help you navigate your life path. 

I also work with Gods/Goddesses and Ascended Masters. This allows me to help other psychic mediums & spiritual people identify higher beings that may be around them and convey their messages so that individuals receive the unique guidance and insights these beings have to offer.

This experience is roughly an hour long and is done remotely via video chat or phone call. I currently use FaceTime & Google Hangouts for video chats.


1. Schedule & purchase a reading.

2. You will receive an email containing instructions and details about your selected reading.

3. I will reach out to you on the day of your reading at our scheduled time together.

** Cancelations - you may reach out and reschedule your appointment up to one time. If you wish to cancel your session you will be charged a $30 slot holding fee and then refunded the remaining balance. Both rescheduling and cancelations require 24 hours notice. **

If you have any questions about this experience please contact us

Seidhr is a form of magic practiced by the Old Norse. This magic has to do with seeing, predicting, and shaping the future. Practitioners have been said to use their third eye to see into other realms and connect with beings within these realms, as well as see past & future events. 

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